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англ._брейн-рингПредмет: англійська мова
Вчитель англійської мови Хмельницького НВК №4
Марінюк Юлія Юріївна

Мета: вчити учнів сприймати та розуміти іншомовне мовлення на слух,
формувати комунікативну компетентність учнів, розвивати мовну
здогадку та логічне мислення учнів; виховувати розуміння
важливості володіння іноземною мовою як засобом спілкування,
бажання вивчати англійську мову, почуття колективізму.
Вступне слово вчителя:
- Good morning dear jury, our teams and guests. You’re welcome to the intellectual English contest "Brain – ring”. Our aim is to show students’ knowledge not only of English but Literature and Geography as well to widen outlook and encourage students to speak. Now I’d like to introduce our jury to you… I know they will judge our competition fairly
Привітання команд
Конкурс «Розповідь про себе »
Speak About Yourself (Cлайд №2)
Personal questions (Слайд №3)
1. What is your surname?
2. What form are you in?
3. What country do you live in?
4. Who is your best friend?
5. What time do you usually go to school?
6. What is your favorite subjеct?
7. Is sport important for you?
8. Do you live far from school?
9. When is your birthday?
10. Where do you want to live? Why do you go to school?
11. Are you good at English?
12. What is your favorite food?
Конкурс на швидкість
«The Quickest» (Слайд №4)
T: You have to answer as many questions as you can in one minute
Questions (Слайди №5-8)
1. Where do kangaroos live? (In Australia)
2. Where is Chine situated? (in Asia)
3.What is the national dish of the Ukrainians? (borch)
4. What is the official language of Canada? (English and French)
5. Name the fastest way of travelling? (by plane)
6. What season comes after winter?(spring)
7. When do people usually have breakfast?(in the morning)
8. How many eyes has a man?(two)
9. Who wrote "Tom Sawyer” (M. Twain)
10. I have already cleaned my room. What’s the tense? ( Present Perfect)
11. Name the odd word: tree, flower, sun, grass(sun)
12. What is the weather like usually in summer?
13. What’s the British national drink? (tea)
14. Why do people go to bed?(to sleep)
15. What river does Kyiv stand on? (the Dnipro)
16. Who wrote "Jungle Book” (R. Kipling)
17. How many oceans are there in the world? (4)
18. What can you do with a book?19 What colour is snow?
20. When is Christmas celebrated in Ukraine? (7th of January)
21.Who discovered America? (Columbus)
22.Sam is sleeping now. Name the tense (Present Continuous)
23. What days of the week children don’t go to school? (Saturday and Sunday)

Конкурс « Намалюй історію »
«Draw the Story» (Слайд №9)
T: You’ll listen to a shot story and your task is to draw what’s the story about. Teams get paper and colored pencils
There is a big house in the middle of the picture. The house is yellow with red roof. There are two windows in the house and one door. To the left of the house there is a green tree. To the right of the house there are two flowers. One flower is red, the second flower is blue. Under the tree there is a black dog, on the tree there is a fat cat.
Музична пауза
«Relax. Sing a Song» (Слайди № 10-11)
T: Let’s sing a song” The Gummy bear song ”

Конкурс « Пантоміма »
«Pantomime» (Слайд №12)
T: The task for each team is to show the story they get to another team in miming. Another team has to guess what they show.
Task 1
You соme to the gym and do some sport exercises
Task 2
You come to the shop and buy some bread
Конкурс «Протиставте слова»
«Matching Words» (Слайд №13)
T: The next round is called "Matching Words”
Each team takes the envelope with matching words. I’ll give you a minute to match these words and then read
Black White
Bread Butter
Soap Water
Right Wrong
Boy Girl
Big Little
Hands Feet
Weak Strong
High Low
First Last
Hat Coat
Shoes Socks
Конкурс «Відгадай загадку»
«Guess Riddles» (Слайд №14)
T: Our last round is called "Guess Riddles” (Слайд №15)
1. It can not talk but it can bark (a dog)
2. It can live without water for a long time (a camel)
3. I’m coloured, I’m bright I can walk run and fly. I cannot swim but I can sing usually in the morning (a cock)
4. What animals has long hair round it’s neck (a lion)
5. It is a domestic animals and it likes fish (cat)
6. When I eat I live. But when I drink, I die. What am I?( fire)
7. This animal likes grass. It is a domestic animals, it gives milk (a cow)
8. What star is not seen in the sky? (film star)
T: Our brain ring has come to the end and we’re thankful to our teams, participants and jury. Wishing you all the best we say good bye to you.
Good Bye!
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